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  • Glass – Balloon Wine 20 oz.


    This 20 ounce Balloon Wine Glass is a finely crafted wine glass that is great for serving generous portions of white or red wine. The balloon style bowl really gives the wine plenty of room to breathe. This wine glass is made of thick blown glass that is durable enough to last through plenty of uses. Your guests will appreciate sipping wine out of this great glass.

    Height 8 7/8 Inches, Bottom Diameter 3 -1/4 Inches, Maximum Diameter 3-7/8 Inches, Top Diameter 3-1/8 Inches, Capacity 20 oz.

  • Glass – Flare Pilsner 11.5 oz.


    Serve your signature brews in this stylish Core 12 oz. pilsner glass! It features flared sides and an extra-thick Base for the unmistakable look of a traditional tall pilsner. The wide mouth helps expand the aroma of the hops while the tapered design draws the aromas and flavors to the top. The long slender shape makes it ideal for lighter beers while also highlighting the beer’s color and rising bubbles.

    Overall Dimensions:, Top Diameter: 3 1/8 inches Bottom Diameter: 2-1/2 inches

    Maximum Diameter: 3-1/4 inches, Height: 7-1/4 inches, Capacity: 11.5 oz.

  • Glass – Liter Mug 34 oz.


    You will never go thirsty again with this 34 oz. (1 liter) super mug! Boasting a thick sturdy handle with a thumb rest for additional comfort this 1 liter mug is sure to please both patrons and bartenders alike by limiting the need for constant refills. It’s the perfect choice for celebrations or sporting events and thanks to a durable heavy base it won’t be toppled over easily.

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  • Glass – Rocks 12-1/2 oz.


    Serve up a large cocktail on the rocks in this 12.5 oz. double old fashioned glass! Boasting a simple yet classic and elegant design this glass is certain to please patrons at your home restaurant or bar. Great for serving a variety of cocktails this old fashioned glass is a versatile addition to your bar ware collection.

    Featuring a thick sham for unparalleled balance you can confidently rest this glass on trays tabletops and counters. Plus crystal-clear clarity enhances your presentation to elevate any drink on your menu to a higher level of sophistication. Thanks to a chip-resistant rim this glass is durable for long lasting use. Add your own logo or text to this item.

  • Glass – Wine 11 oz.


    Add a modern elegance to your wine service by stocking your bar with a wine Teardrop 10.75 oz. all purpose wine glass. Featuring a gradual transition from the stem to the bowl that then reaches its maximum diameter before tapering in at the top these glasses offer a unique alternative to more traditional styles. Thanks to their unique shape these glasses can also accommodate both red and white wines and they’re extremely comfortable to hold. Plus the thickness of the stem as it connects to the bottom of the bowl gives elegance and beauty.

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