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  • Overall Size:, 20 inches (L) x 9 5/8 inches (W) x 2-1/4 inches (H)

    Material: Box is pine, lid is maple veneer

    Includes 1 each stainless steel spatula, tongs & fork with solid oak handles. The top slides off to open. The box and lid are approximately 3/16 inches thick. Sides are 3/8 inches thick. Utensils are displayed in a charcoal colored foam. Lids measures approximately 19 9/16 inches (L) x 9 1/8 inches (W) x 3/16 inches thick. Width of spatula at widest point is 1-1/2 inches . Width of tongs at widest point is 1 1/4 inches . Width of fork at widest point is 1 1/4 inches .

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  • Set includes stainless steel spatula, tongs & grill fork with wood handles. The top slides off to open & utensils are displayed in charcoal colored foam. The box is pine and the lid is hardboard. The utensil handles are oak. Maximum width of spatula handle is 1-1/2 inches. Maximum width of tongs handle is 1-1/4 inches. Maximum with of grill fork handle is 1-1/4 inches.

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  • This custom inlay was cut out for a hammered dulcimer.

    If you would like something like this, contact me for details.

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  • Includes stainless steel grill fork (BBQ11)spatula (BBQ12)& tongs (BBQ13). Utensils have bamboo handles and are held in place with charcoal colored foam. There are two silver latches on the front and two silver hinges on the back. 19 5/8 inches(L) x 5-1/2 inches(W) x 3 1/8 inches(H)

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