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Glass - Giant Beer 23 oz

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The Libbey 1623 is a giant beer glass made out of clear glassallowing you to show off any brew you choose to serve in it. The glass is tallat 918 inches highand has a large capacity of 23 ouncesso you can keep thirsty customers satisfied and lessen how often your servers and bartenders have to worry about refills. This glass is shaped with a narrow point near the bottom of the glassflaring out from that point to both theBase and the mouth in a shape that enhances the flavors and scents of draft beers. The glass is dishwasher safemaking cleaning simple and is ready for your logo or text

Product Details

  • Part of the Giant Beers series
  • Giant beer glass with 23-oz. capacity
  • Made of clear glass
  • Flares out at the top and bottom from a narrow midpoint to help

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 3 3/8 inches
Bottom Diameter: 3 1/8 inches
Height: 9 1/8 inches
Capacity: 23 oz.