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Feb 9th 2019

What type of artwork do you need?

We can work with most graphics formats. Our preferred format would be CorelDraw or EPS, but we can work with any of the following: BMP, PSD (Photoshop), JPG (Jpeg), GIF, DWG (Autocad), TIF and PCX.

The resolution of the images needs to be as high as possible...the better the resolution, the better the image will engrave. We suggest a minimum of 300 dpi and an image size as large or larger than the finished engraving will be. If you E-mail a website quality, small image, it may work, but it may not result in the best quality engraving possible. We can touch up, edit, redraw most images so it is ok if an image is not perfect, but like any other system, garbage in, garbage out...

If in doubt...just  contact us